DelRosso (R-Oakmont) represents Pennsylvania House District 33 and is up for reelection in 2022.


Carrie DelRosso Has Chosen Trump Over Democracy

We deserve a representative who will stand up to the ranting and raving of a disgraced former president. DelRosso isn’t up to the job.

On one of her first days as an elected official, freshman Rep. Carrie DelRosso had an opportunity to show Pennsylvania her values and character as an American. Instead, she stayed quiet and failed to condemn the attack against our democracy on January 6th.

In Harrisburg, she went along with Trump’s lies that the election was “stolen” and backed a plan to completely restructure our voting system in Pennsylvania based on his temper tantrums.

She’s had plenty of time to speak out against the insurrection or advocate for legislation to protect our democracy — she hasn’t done either.

Help us vote her out in 2022.