Lewis (R-Dauphin) represents Pennsylvania House District 105 and is up for reelection in 2022.


Andrew Lewis Claims to be ‘Pro Law Enforcement’ — He Isn’t

Lewis has shown us where his loyalties actually lie, and they aren’t with the people who risked their lives to protect democracy.

Andrew Lewis is a proud and unapologetic Trump follower, but we didn’t know until January 6th that he valued his allegiance to Trump over democracy. 

He claims to be “pro law enforcement,” and yet he has remained silent as Capitol police officers were brutally attacked, targeted, and threatened. Even worse, he questioned their bravery.

Immediately after the November election, Lewis joined House Republicans and called for the withdraw of the presidential electors certification to undermine the results.

Lewis loves to think of himself as a pro-police Republican in Harrisburg but, when given the opportunity to stand with law enforcement, he won’t even acknowledge their courage and sacrifices.

Help us vote him out in 2022.